Freeze-dried beetroot

You can rub your cheeks with beetroots to get them pink. However keeping some freeze-dried beetroots you will save some time while making food and will be able to get your cheeks pink in other ways.

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perfect for: 

With cereal, porridges, garnish

Only a handful of freeze-dried beetroots and the most regular morning porridge will become a delicacy.

Making sauces and creams

Save time by making sauces and creams with beetroots - the results will surprise you.


Sometimes all it takes is a single ingredient that will change your daily dishes. 

Energetic  and nutritional values per 100 g:  318 kcal/1338 kJ, fat 0,5g, of which saturates 0.2g, carbohydrates 58g  of which sugars 56g, fibre 21,5g, protein 9,5g, salt 0g.

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