Let's spice things up! Supergarden freeze dried chili pepper spice is perfect for those who love hot dishes and exclusive taste. Chili pepper are natural picked from South America farms. It is said that chili pepper not only flavor food but also provide energy!

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Perfect with:


The chili pepper will award pork and poultry with an exceptionally pleasant flavor. Use it with your favorite dishes: steak, soup, or stew.


If you like to spice things a little bit, try Supergarden chilli pepper, it will surprise you.

Pasta, pizza, and many more!

The freeze dried chili pepper is a good choice for a quick but great dinner dishes.

Sauces and spreads

Sprinkle chili pepper on your sauces and spreads for a strong flavor.

Quick and tasty recipes

Need some inspiration for your breakfast or dinner? Come over, we have even more ideas to share: smoothies recipes, desserts, and drinks!