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They are also called the Japanese lantern. The taste is sweet and sour, but the sourness doesn't remain for long so as soon as you eat one, you already reach for another one.

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taste it: 

As snacks

Choose freeze-dried berries instead of regular snacks: light weight, tastes great.

With smoothies

Cocktails and smoothies will gain a much stronger taste of berries - more sour or sweeter, it's up to you.

With yogurt 

You like yogurt? Try it with various berries - the aroma won't disappoint you.

With salads 

Sometimes all it takes is a single ingredient that will change your daily dishes.


Energetic  and nutritional values per 100 g:  360 kcal/1500 kJ, fat 11g, of which saturates 1.5g, carbohydrates 43.9g  of which sugars 43.9g, fibre 27.3g, protein 10.3g, salt 0g.

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