Freeze-dried wild blackberries

Blackberry, melting in your mouth, contains both sourness and sweetness, and also bitterness. Totally different taste comes when it is freeze-dried. We recommend you to try the exotic berries, that grow in our forests.

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taste it:

As snacks

Choose freeze-dried berries instead of regular snacks: light weight, tastes great.

With cereal, porridges

Only a handful of freeze-dried berries and the most regular morning porridge will become a delicacy.

With yogurt 

You like yogurt? Try it with various berries - the aroma won't disappoint you.

With confectionery

The most luxurious cake, decorated with freeze-dried berries, will not let you down.

 With drinks

The crispiness and friability of freeze-dried berries will go together with any drink you choose. Just throw in a couple of berries.

Energetic  and nutritional values per 100 g:  287 kcal/1200 kJ, fat 6.3g, of which saturates 0 g, carbohydrates 39.6g  of which sugars 39.6g, fibre 20g, protein 7.6g, salt 0.04g.


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