KAKĖ MAKĖ a mixture of freeze-dried mango and pineapple strips

If you like a sweet snack, freeze-dried pineapples - just for you! In addition, Supergarden pineapples do not contain added sugar - only natural. Fragrant mangoes are a spice of exotic travel in our cold country. The sweetness alternates with the acidity, and this sophisticated combination of flavors is perfect for enjoying your life in an unusual way. Manufacturer: UAB "Geld Baltic"


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Nutritional value:

Energetic and nutritional values per 100 g:  380 kcal/1600 kJ, fat 3g, of which saturates 0.6g, carbohydrates 75g  of which sugars 74g, fibre 10g, protein 4g, salt 0g.

Ideas to taste mango:

On the go snack

Freeze dried mango is a healthy snack, comfortable to take everywhere you go, and taste amazing!

With smoothies, drinks, yogurt, porridge, cocktails

Use mango as an ingredient to smoothies to give some expressive pleasant taste of fruit also extra crunchiness.

With desserts

Meets perfectly with ice cream and many more!


Energy and nutritional value 100g

Energy value

370 Kcal


2 g

Saturated fatty acids

0.4 g


76 g


76 g


4 g


0.1 g


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