Snacks kit "Space" (18 pcs)

Rich in vitamins and flavors "Spice" snacks kit is a perfect gift of emergency kit for force majeure situations.

49,99 €
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The "Spice" snacks kit consists of

  • raspberries (100g),
  • strawberry slices (100g),
  • mixed vegetables (60g),
  • black currants (55g),
  • raspberry pieces (55g),
  • strawberry powder (60g),
  • physalis (40g),
  • AKTIVA BITES (50g),
  • IMUNA BITES (50g),
  • 3pcs of vegetables BITES snack (10g),
  • 3pcs of berry BITES snack (10g),
  • 3pcs of fruits BITES snacks (10g).


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