For business

"Supergarden" was born out of... practise. When we wanted something tasty at home. When we needed food products that everyone tolerates. Something that wouldn't go past the daily norms of sugar and calories. We wanted something, that reminds summer and warm days.

We are a new company, full of enthusiasm, always looking for challenges - new deals and ideas.


We sell the production of "Supergarden" in bigger packages up to 15 kg as well - we can ship in various weights.

We crush and grind every product that we have.

We mix berries, fruits and vegetables according to the customer's request.\

We put on tags with our logo and design (Private label)


So, if you want to communicate with us and make your business ideas real, contact "Supergarden" or call us +370 687 55854.

All ideas are possible, you only need to believe!

Smaller package

Out of 100 g of fresh fruits and vegetables come only about 10 g of lyophilizated ones.

Shape and smell will stay the same

When almost all of the water is removed, the shape or smell of the product remains completely the same.

Real taste

Freeze-dried taste is equal to the taste of fresh fruits, vegetables or seasonings.

Want to know more?

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