What is it?


Freeze drying or lyophilization is the gold standard for product drying. Frost and vacuum are used in the process, which leads water evaporation straight from ice to vapor, without entering a liquid phase. Passing the liquid phase saves the structure of the product, therefore we get wonderful flavors and best possible nutritional value of dried berries, fruits, vegetables, and many more!

Smaller package

Out of 100 g of fresh fruits and vegetables come only about 10 g of lyophilizated ones.

Shape and smell will stay the same

When almost all of the water is removed, the shape or smell of the product remains completely the same.

Real taste

Freeze-dried taste is equal to the taste of fresh fruits, vegetables or seasonings.


Treat your body with nutrients from nature and enjoy just perfectly delicious food without a side of guilt! Freeze dried products are friendly to vegetarian, vegan, and raw diets and it will paint any diet in bright colors! Beyond that, we bet kids will enjoy the healthy sweetness of Super Garden berries and fruits!

Quick and tasty recipes

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