What is it?

Lyophilization is drying, using frost. At first the products are being frozen in a caparment in which vacuum is created. Then in -80 °C, the food is being dried. During this process, the water in berries and different products becomes steam, skiping the liquid state. Created steam is removed from the product.

Smaller package

Out of 100 g of fresh fruits and vegetables come only about 10 g of lyophilizated ones.

Shape and smell will stay the same

When almost all of the water is removed, the shape or smell of the product remains completely the same.

Real taste

Freeze-dried taste is equal to the taste of fresh fruits, vegetables or seasonings.


Always have freeze-dried tastes in your kitchen and your everyday food and snacks will gain different shades. The crunchiness and friability of seasonings and other products will provide your food-making the joy of improvisation.

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