Private Label

Super Garden offers private label opportunity to B2B partners. The most common private label cooperation model is branding our freeze-dried products with your labels. We can also help with additional questions, like designing labels, creating a new brand. There is nothing we can not reach working together!

Bulk orders

Super Garden manufactures and supplies the highest quality freeze-dried products in bulk packages. Anything from our assortment can be received in bulk. The best part is that we can make mixtures regarding your needs! The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1kg. Contact us and we will agree on how to implement your needs.

Products regarding your needs

Super Garden fills product’s assortment regarding our B2B clients needs. In case you have an idea of a freeze-dried product we can not currently offer contact us and we will freeze-dry it for you! Super Garden can freeze-dry your raw material or find the raw material from our current trustworthy suppliers. Certifying products with an organic certificate is also possible.

Freeze drying service

Super Garden offers a freeze-drying service even if it is a one-time low quantity project. Supply your raw material to us or leave raw material searching pleasure for us. Super Garden will package your freeze-dried products in the most convenient form. The price of freeze-drying starts from 6,5 eur/kg (weight of raw material) + PVM.

Jump into freeze-dried revolution with Super Garden!

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