Strawberries seeds freeze dried

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Berry seeds are an alternative to processed additives. Freeze-dried seeds are a healthier choice for your body.

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Strawberry seeds in food:

With smoothies

Cocktails and smoothies will gain an expressive pleasant taste of strawberries as well as important nutrients.

With cereal, porridges

Freeze dried seeds add nutrients to your regular breakfast.

With yogurt 

Do you like yogurt? Try it with various berries seeds!

With confectionery

Decorate your cakes for the exclusive look.

With drinks

Strawberries seeds will go together with any drink you choose. 

Make an on the go snack

Freeze dried strawberries seeds are a healthy ingredient that can be used for on the go snack recipes. It tastes amazing!

Strawberry seeds in natural cosmetics:


Strawberry seeds give an extraordinary exclusive look to the homemade soaps as well as light strawberry scent.

Scrubs and other exfoliating product

Berries seeds are perfect for non-aggressive natural body scrubs and other exfoliating products.

Quick and tasty recipes

Need some inspiration for your breakfast or dinner? Come over, we have even more ideas to share: smoothies recipes, desserts, and drinks!