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Red currant powder freeze dried


We love red currants, their flavor might be a little sour but have you tried red currants sauce for meat and fish? What about red currants cake? Red currant sourness it's exactly what you need for extravagant flavors!


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Nutritional value:

Energetic and nutritional values per 100 g:  310 kcal/1300 kJ, fat 2g, of which saturates 0.3g, carbohydrates 36g  of which sugars 36g, fibre 27g, protein 9g, salt 0.1g.

taste it:

With smoothies

Cocktails and smoothies will gain an expressive pleasant taste of summer berries.

With confectionery

Add sour red currants to sweet pastries or cakes, it will become your specialty! 

In sauces

Red currant sauce is a great pair with meats and poultry!

Make an on the go snack

Freeze dried red currants are a healthy ingredient that can be used for on the go snack recipes. It tastes amazing


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