Smoothie "Pina Colada"


Smoothies – a great and fast way to get a lot of nutrients in one sip! Preparing fruits, berries or vegetables for a cocktail can take a long time. Before adding to the cocktail, you will need to wash them, peel them, remove the seeds, cut before making the cocktail. Lyophilized products are made from fruits, vegetables or even meat by removing water. This process preserves the taste, texture and nutrients of the original product during processing. One tablespoon equals seven to eight tablespoons of whole fruit, so you’ll save more money over time.

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Suitable for use

With milk, water

How to use? Open the package, pour into a blender or shaker. Add 150 ml of water, milk or vegetable milk and shake it well. Vuolia! The cocktail is ready! Delicious!

Ingredients: freeze-dried pineapple, banana, coconut powder

Store in a dry and cool place.

Place of origin: European Union.

Manufacturer: UAB "Geld Baltic"

Energy and nutritional value 100g

Energy value

1416 kJ 340 Kcal


8 g

Of which saturated fat

7 g


58 g

Of which sugars (g)

39 g


4.3 g


0 g


6 g


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