Supergarden advent calendar "Ice-Cream Rocket"

Introducing the Super Garden Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Advent Calendar! Explore 24 days of cosmic flavor with our signature freeze-dried ice cream. Each day, savor a surprise flavor as you blast off on a taste bud adventure through space. Perfect for gifting or indulging in holiday joy. Get ready to taste the stars!

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As many as 24 bags of ice cream with different flavors:

Vanilla ice cream (7g)
Chocolate ice cream (7g)
Vanilla ice cream. with caramel and cookie pieces (7g)
Fruit mango ice cream (7g)
Banana-flavored ice cream bubbles with cocoa glaze (5g)
Vanilla ice cream with hard cheese and cranberries (7g)
Strawberry ice cream bubbles with strawberry frosting (5g)
Sealed bubbles, freeze-dried (5g)
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate pieces (7g)
Blue ice cream, freeze-dried (7g)
Black ice cream, freeze-dried (7g)

Suitable for use

As a snack

On a trip, hike or to work - freeze dried products as a snack at hand.

With drinks

The crispness and brittleness of freeze dried products will go well with any beverage of your choice.

With yogurt, milk, kefir or buttermilk

Do you like yogurt? You must try it with freeze dried products - you will not be disappointed with the aroma and taste.

With grains, porridge

Freeze dried products make a regular breakfast delicious.

Energy and nutritional value

100 grams

Energy value

1945 kJ 465 Kcal


26.25 g

Of which saturated fat

25 g


51.25 g

Of which sugars (g)

50.75 g


6 g


0.01 g


0.2 g

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