How to enrich your everyday diet products with our freeze-dried products?

Studies show that eating 2-3 meals per day (of 300-600 calories), not skipping breakfast and avoiding late-night meals, and having 1-3 snacks per day (of 60-150 calories) help us maintain our weight and prevent diseases.


It is also thought very important not only how many times and when we consume something, but also what we consume. Carbs, protein, fat, and fiber are the macronutrients that we have to consume daily for our bodies to feel fulfilled and go through their daily metabolism properly. 


Freeze-dried products can retain most of their vitamins and macronutrients due to the way they are processed. You can consume our products either on their own as a snack or by incorporating them into your meal. Fruits and their powders are rich in carbohydrates and fiber, whereas vegetables are rich in those and in plant protein which can make it a great source and alternative to animal protein and other protein powders in the market.


The way you could enrich your diet easily with colorful and healthy macro and micronutrients is by sprinkling our products on top of your meals.


Here are some ways you can do it and some ideas for you:

1. At your breakfast.


Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons of fruit powders on top of your yogurt or porridge. You can also add fruit pieces and seeds. Mix your spreads for your toast with vegetable powders for extra protein and fiber and add some frozen fried pieces of vegetable for a crunch.

2. At your lunch and dinner 


Sprinkle your plate with freeze-dried spices or enrich your soups and sauces with 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable powders. Add in your rice and buckwheat vegetable pieces for protein and fiber.


3. With your snacks


Next to your glass of juice or your fruit have 6-8 bites. Our bites are high in protein, and cacao butter, which means healthy fats and carbs. Add seeds and fruit or vegetable powders to your juices. Sprinkle your savory or sweet toasts with fruit or veggie, powders or pieces.


4. Flavor your water.


You can add 1-3 tablespoons of our DrinkEat mix to your cold or warm water. You can also add any powders, fruit, or berry you wish.

We hope you enjoy our ideas and suggestions and incorporate them into your unique diet!


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