Super Garden mentioned in the SG Magazin about the ISM exhibition: unique freeze-dried products are attracting attention and growing in popularity

The SG magazine has accompanied the confectionery industry in Germany and Europe for over 50 years. This trade journal covers the categories of chocolate goods, salty snacks, fine baked goods, confectionery, and ice cream and gives readers an insight into industry-related topics. In the July 2023 edition, the thematic focus of around 20 pages shows talks about ISM's exhibition where different confectionery suppliers have once again presented a veritable wealth of new ideas, innovative product concepts, and line extensions of successful brand products. Dr Henriette Ullmann has mentioned, that Super Garden impressively demonstrated innovative strength and creativity to their national and international trade partners:


“Freeze-dried rainbow candies & freeze-dried mini marshmallows are further products with which Super Garden is attracting attention. These freeze-dried sweets are constantly enjoying ever-increasing popularity among both children and adults. They are just as delicious as conventional sweets, but they create a different mouthfeel by expanding in size, making them fluffier and crunchier.”


We’re proud to be included in this worldwide magazine and even more excited about the opportunity to learn from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sweets Global Network Hans Strohmaier as he has a lot of experience in the confectionery and snacks for industry. Here is what he had to say about this year’s ISM exhibition:

“I have been in our industry for 33 years and have visited countless trade fairs at home and abroad. During this time, the trade fair landscape has changed fundamentally; there have been many crises to overcome. At ISM 2023 and also at the Sweets & Snacks Expo show, the trade fairs still form the framework for joint sales success with confectionery and snacks for industry and retail. The latest figures from market researchers for the US and German markets underline this. With unbelievable resilience, medium-sized and small businesses manage to master all challenges – from the after-effects of the Covid measures to the energy crisis, inflation, or the excessive bureaucracy.”


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