Ready-to-drink smoothie assorting 101: make your job even simpler and the smoothie even tastier

Everyone likes a good smoothie: good consistency, creamy, thick, and in most cases nutritious. Most of us are used to fresh or frozen fruit and veggie smoothies, maybe with a sprinkle of seeds, a dollop of nut butters, or a splash of dairy products, but have you ever heard of powder smoothies? 

Powder smoothies are a healthy alternative to the standard smoothies we are all used to. Our powder smoothies come from freeze-dried (lyophilized) 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, which after following the process of lyophilization are blended and turned into powders. Lyophilized fruits and vegetables often retain over 90% of the original fresh food's nutrition, much more than other drying techniques (air-drying, heat-drying) which usually damage micronutrients and phytonutrients — as easily seen by the large changes in the food's colors and shapes. Also, freeze-dried foods don’t rot so you always have a standard nutrient composition no matter how long your freeze-dried fruits have been sitting on your shelf. 


Our freeze-dried smoothies and fruit and vegetable powders come in small packets of 30g or containers of 130g which are easy to be stored in your bag and transported anywhere you could need a nutritious snack and boost of energy.


Here’s a bit more about our smoothies: we have a few different types of smoothies that are fruit, veggie, or even dairy product based, which can be blended or simply rehydrated with water, regular or any plant-based milk, yogurt, or kefir (don’t knock it till you try it!).

Here we would like to offer you some ways that you can mix your smoothie in the comfort of your home, at work, school, university, or even on a hike, or any other excursion or trip you might be at. 

Appliances that you can use to rehydrate/ blend your smoothies

1. A blender or hand blender;

Any type of blender will give the best chances to have a smooth smoothie, without lumps, and in the case of chia and other seeds, they will be blended into small pieces so you will not have any texture of the little seeds if you find them annoying.

The best way to blend them is by adding a volume of 200 to 250 ml of water or any other liquid, with or without ice, that you desire, with a measuring cup, and then emptying on top of a package of a smoothie. Be very careful with the volume of water or liquid you add. If you add 200 ml of liquid and then add on top many ice cubes and you blend, your smoothie will be “watery”, but of course, it is a preference and some of our customers love that. Then blend for 10-30 seconds, if you want with a spatula push the smoothie that is stuck on the blender walls down with the rest of your smoothie and blend for 10-30 seconds more. Pour in a cup, again with or without ice, and enjoy the easiest smoothie you have ever made.

2. A milk frother;

With the milk frother, you will have to add 100 ml of water or any other liquid, in a cup and pour slowly while blending the mixture of the smoothie package. Once you have poured all the powder into your cup you can keep blending while adding the rest of your water. When you are done add ice cubes to your smoothie if you desire and enjoy.

3. A shaker with a metallic spiral;

Probably the easiest way to make smoothies is with a shaker that has a metallic spiral. It is portable and very easy to use anywhere you are. Just add the spiral to the shaker, add water and ice if you wish till the indicator of 200 or 250ml of your cup, if it has measurement indicators, then pour the mixture or one package of our smoothies, close the lid tight, and shake! If you don’t have a shaker you can use any cup or jar that can fit your liquids and that has a lid with a metallic spiral. If you wish you can add ice so the lumps that could be created are prevented.

So with just a shaker, you can have a nutritious smoothie virtually anywhere.

4. What if you don’t have any of the above?

If you don't have anything of the above, get yourself a jar with a lid or any cup with a lid and add 200ml of water, 3-4 ice cubes and pour on top of it the smoothie package. Close the lid tightly and shake. Surprisingly, the ice cubes are going to act like a metallic spiral and will break up the lumps that might have formed during mixing.

5. With a spoon and a cup;

The best way to mix your smoothie is probably one of the methods above this one since this one is more drawn to making lumps. But if this is your only way, then here are the best tips we can give you. Add about ¼ liquid to your cup, add the powder, and stir vigorously until the clumps are gone. Break up any of the remaining clumps with your spoon and then, add the rest of your liquid and stir. The liquids should again be 200-250 ml.

How to take care of your freeze-dried powders: 

  1. Shake your container or break up large clumps with a fork before adding the powder to the water;
  2. You can also sift the powder before you add it to your shake or blender;
  3. Keep your powder in a cool and dry place, so the heat and moisture will not be able to change the consistency of your protein powder. If you live in a humid area, you may also want to consider keeping the little silica packet in the bottom of your freeze-dried powder container.

Don't forget, you can also make smoothies, juices, or flavored waters with our freeze-dried powders. Just mix any of your desired amounts of liquid with any freeze-dried powder of your choice. Add herbs for decoration and aroma and…


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